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Safe sex occurs where there is a consensual sexual practice, in which each partner is protected against having sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies by adhering to safe sexual practices. It is also when there is sexual contact that does not involve exchange of semen, vagina fluids or blood between partners. Medically it is believed that the only way to be truly safe is by not having sex at all, but sadly there is also oral sex practices in which herpes and other disease could transmit between sexual partners, in this case of oral sex there are ways to protect oneself from sexually transmitted infections.


They are practices that carry lower risk in getting sexually transmitted infections which are listed below;

  1. Utilization of condom and other barrier method for all sexual contact: Male and female condoms serves as a barrier method in preventing sexually transmitted infections from occurring through vaginal or anal sex to any of the sexual partners. Although not all the condom prevents sexually transmitted infections 100% especially the natural condom or lambskin does not prevent sexually transmitted infection. There are various types of condom latex and non-latex condoms are the one mostly used, any of the condoms suitable for sexual partners is advisable to be used. For oral sex the rubber latex sheets or dental dams are used for prevention of infection. Asides this method it is also advisable to use makes use of birth control in prevention of accidental pregnancy.
  2. Usage of water based lubricants: usage of water based lubricants helps in prevention of cuts and sore around the vagina and the penis. When using the condoms, oily lubricants like Vaseline or lotion shouldn’t be used because it weakens the condom leading to breakage.
  3. Avoid usage of harmful chemicals: harmful chemicals like spermicides causes irritation to the skin around the penis and vagina, which leads to high risk in contracting sexually transmitted infections
  4. Ensure there are no open sores or cuts: open sores and cuts causes the skin to be open to bacteria and other viral organisms, which is why not to participate in any sexual activities if there is an open sore or cut in the mouth, penis, vagina and anus.
  5. Masturbation: it is a safe and health process of experiencing sexual pleasure, which reduces the risk of having sexually transmitted infections
  6. Abstinence from sex: it is known as the best way to prevent sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy 100%, it is advised that young adolescents should try and abstain from sex.
  7. Ensuring you don’t have multiple sexual partners: having multiple sexual partners increases the risk of having sexually transmitted infection, if as an individual you are sexually active it is healthier to reduce the amount of people you involve yourself with sexually.
  8. Cuddling
  9. Take the Hepatitis Vaccine, Human papilloma virus vaccine


Safe sexual practices protects individual against a lot of infections transmitted sexually, which are listed below;

1. Protects you and your partner from having sexually transmitted infections and diseases that poses a threat to the health of an individual.

2. It allows having planned pregnancy when the both partners are ready to be parents, instead of having an accidental pregnancy.

3. Ensures good sexual functioning and performance.

4. Prevent occurrence of reproductive system cancer caused by sexually transmitted infections.

5. It gives peace of mind and feeling good about one self, there is absence of fear of getting an infection.

6. It promotes positive relationships between partners.


The barriers to practicing safe sex are listed below;

1. Difficulties with the use condoms

2. Trust issues arises

3. Communication difficulties to tell how the individual wants to have sex

4. Arousal interference: meaning people believe having sex with condom reduces arousal and how well the sex will be enjoyed by both parties.


  1. Using condom cranks up the sexual drive and pleasure; water based lubricants are advised to be used to derive more pleasure.
  2. Using birth pill makes an individual gain weight fast; research has shown that not all birth control pill allows one to gain weight.
  3. The use of intrauterine device increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory diseases in women; not all IUD’s has a high risk in getting pelvic inflammatory disease, as of now research has shown that the type of IUD that poses a high risk is dalkon shield.  
  4. The use of condom protects an individual against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
  5. Pulling out before ejaculation prevents the occurrence of pregnancy.
  6. Once you have been treated for sexually transmitted infections it cannot occur again
  7. I can have unprotected sexual intercourse if I’m on my period, I will not get pregnant; it is unlikely to get pregnant yes, but it is possible to get pregnant and also poses a great risk of getting sexually transmitted infection.
  8. I am safe from getting sexually transmitted infection because I only sleep with virgins; the fact is someone being a virgin does not mean the person doesn’t have STI or STD; the infections can be gotten through foreplay and other things not just penetration.
  9. If I know something about a potential partner’s sexual history and avoid having sex with someone who has had many partners, I’ll be safe; this is a lie, because not everybody comes out straight about their life.
  10. You cannot get sexually transmitted infections through oral sex; which is a lie because herpes and other things can be gotten through oral sex.
  11. There are certain positions that protects against getting pregnant; as far as sex is concerned once there is release of egg and sperm fertilization begins and pregnancy occurs.
  12. Women cannot get sexually transmitted infection when having sexual intercourse with another woman; it is vital to always protect yourself no matter who you are having sexual intercourse with.


A- Abstinence from sex 100% effective

B- Best to have one sexual partner

C- Condoms and contraceptive pills are encouraged to use while having sexual intercourse

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